This Blog is a tribute to our mum Alice Cunningham.

The collection of photos and memories ……

farnleychurches_3204_1304678041_195_200x96 St Mary’s Church

whincove driveWhincover Drive

Elinis sydney harbout

The Elinis sailed into Sydney Harbour on — / — / 1965

When we migrated to Australia in 1965 we lived at Villawood in a hostel is a hut like this. I think it was a little less run down and the doors would have been structurally better than this photo.


My earliest memory is when we lived in Bossley Park on a farm.  I remember we had goats and my dad would sell the billygoats and keep the females for milk.  I recall our bathroom had a concrete door stopper made in the form of a koala.  I was in the bath and my mum washed my hair I remember crying because the soap hurt my eyes.  I think my little sister Michelle was in the bath too.

We didn’t go to preschool in those days and I found going to school a bit of a shock.  I recall walking from the farm to the local primary school along a bitumen road with no footpaths.  As we walked along the gravel I remember kicking the stones.  I didn’t like school and ran home.

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